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All you need to know about Doha airport transport

31 May, 2023 By - Nada Salah
Doha airport transportation

Welcome to Doha, the vibrant capital of Qatar! Whether you’re arriving at or departing from Doha International Airport, knowing your options for Doha airport transport is crucial for a seamless and stress-free journey. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Doha airport transport, including different transportation services available at the airport, various shuttle options, and guidelines for choosing the best mode of transport for you, to make your travel experience hassle-free.


Doha Airport is the main gateway to Qatar and is located on the eastern edge of the city. It is the largest international airport in Qatar, serving as a hub for Qatar Airways and other airlines. As you navigate this bustling airport, it’s crucial to understand the Doha airport transport services available. This will ensure a smooth transition to your desired destination.

The importance of reliable airport transport for a seamless travel experience cannot be overstated. As air travel becomes increasingly popular for both business and leisure purposes, airports are becoming busier and more congested. This means that efficient transportation from and to the airport is now more important than ever.


Airport Transportation Services in Doha:

Doha airport transport offers a diverse range of options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you prefer private transportation, shared shuttle buses, or public transportation. Doha Airport offers a multitude of convenient solutions to suit your preferences and requirements, like taxi companies, private car rentals, and shuttle services are at your disposal directly to your desired location. These options provide the flexibility and convenience you need to navigate the city easily.


Each of them has its advantages, but the best and most flexible option for your needs and with the budget you specify is to rent a private car to transport you to enhance your travel experience. With a range of options available, you can tailor your transportation choice to match your specific requirements and travel style.

Get ready to experience the convenience, comfort, and efficiency of Doha airport transport. Let’s dive into the world of airport transportation in Doha, explore the various Doha Airport shuttle options, and uncover the secrets to hassle-free travel. Your journey starts here.


Doha Airport Transport Services

Doha is a vibrant and bustling city, with a great number of travelers arriving and departing each day.

For those traveling in and out of Doha, efficient and reliable airport transportation is essential for a comfortable and stress-free journey.

With a range of transportation options available, passengers can select the most suitable option for their needs.


  1. Ride-Sharing Services:

Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Careem have become increasingly popular in Doha in recent years, as they offer an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional taxis. These services allow people to book rides through mobile apps, meaning that they can avoid the hassle of haggling with taxi drivers over fares. In addition, the fares charged by ride-sharing services are often competitively priced and may even be lower than those of some traditional taxi companies. The ease of booking and competitive fares offered by ride-sharing services have made them an attractive option for many people in Doha.


  1. Taxis at Doha Airport: 

At Doha Airport, there are several taxi stands located throughout the airport, making it easy to find a taxi to get you where you need to go. Fares are estimated before your journey begins and are calculated in accordance with the distance you travel. There are also several additional services available for those with special needs such as wheelchair accessible taxis and luxury cars.


     3. Limousine Services:

Limousines offer a comfortable mode of transport, with luxurious and spacious interiors, allowing passengers to relax on their journey. The limousine’s interior is designed to provide maximum comfort, with reclining seats, air conditioning, and a range of entertainment options.

In addition to comfort, limousine services also provide a degree of privacy, ensuring that passengers’ conversations and personal belongings remain confidential. The privacy of the limousine also allows passengers to work or relax on their journey without interruption. Limousines also come with professional and experienced chauffeurs.

Prices for limousine services start at around 50 QAR (around 14 USD), depending on the distance and the type of car.


Doha Airport Shuttle Options

  1. Hotel Shuttles:

Doha Airport offers a range of convenient shuttle options to hotels in the city. The hotel shuttles are available at the airport and operated by both the airport itself and local tour companies. 

To access the hotel shuttles, passengers can look out for the shuttle pick-up points located at the Arrivals Hall. The shuttles run on a regular schedule and typically depart every 30 minutes. To ensure availability of the shuttle service, travelers are advised to make reservations in advance.

Shuttle services typically cost between 10-15 QAR (around 3 USD) per trip, depending on the distance.


  1. Public Bus Service:

Doha Airport Transport provides travelers with a variety of transport options, including a convenient and affordable public bus service. There are two bus routes that run from the airport, the 921 and 921A. The 921 route runs from the airport and goes to the city center, stopping at several popular destinations along the way, while the 921A route serves the nearby villages of Al-Muntazah and Al-Sadd. Both buses have a regular schedule, running every day from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

To use the public bus service, passengers must purchase a Karwa ticket. Tickets can be purchased from the ticketing office at the airport, or from any Karwa ticket office in the city. The ticketing office at the airport is located at the arrivals area and offers both single ride tickets and day passes. The fare for the bus service is a flat rate of 5 Qatari riyals.


  1. Car Rental Services:

Doha Airport is an important hub for travelers coming to Qatar. With its car rental services, passengers can have their own means of transportation during their stay in Qatar. The car rental companies at Doha Airport offer a wide range of vehicles, including luxury cars, vans, and SUVs, to suit different needs and budgets.


Booking car rental services at Doha Airport is easy and convenient. You can reserve your car online, via the car rental companies’ websites, or by contacting them directly and making your reservation over the phone. Once you have made your booking, you will receive confirmation of your reservation, as well as instructions to pick up the vehicle.

Book your car now.


Important considerations when renting a car:


When renting a car at Doha Airport, there are important considerations to keep in mind.

First, check if the car rental company offers airport transfers from the airport to the rental location.

Second, check the age limits and policies of the car rental companies. Most companies require drivers to be at least 21 years old, and some may even require additional age-related documents. Lastly, read the rental agreement carefully before signing.


No matter what type of Doha airport transport you need, Doha Airport has you covered. With a variety of transportation services available, you can find an option that fits your needs and budget.

By understanding the available airport transportation services, Doha Airport shuttle options, and following the provided tips, travelers can ensure a smooth journey to and from the airport. So, whether you’re arriving in Doha for business or exploring the city’s attractions, make the most of your travel by being well-informed and prepared for your airport transportation needs. Safe travels!


Overall, Doha Airport is well-equipped with a range of Airport transportation in Doha for travelers. Whether you’re looking for a convenient shuttle or a comfortable limousine service, you’ll be able to find the perfect option for your journey. For more information about Doha Airport shuttle options, check out this helpful guide: