Al-Shirawi Group and Millennium Chauffeuring win the “ISO” in the quality of performance

The Al-Shirawi Group Company and the Millennium Rental Company, which operates in the field of car rental, recently obtained the ISO certificate in quality management «ISO 9001 — 2015», by the «Independent for Management and Quality Services», which is in charge of granting the international quality certificate, and the certificate was received from representatives of the company The ISO donor on behalf of the company is the Chief Financial Officer Mr. Raghupathi Chilicanu.

Commenting on this event, Eng. Jassim Muhammad Al-Shirawi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: “The group and its companies pay great attention to the quality and development of their services, and aim continuously to improve their operational processes by following the best operational practices, the latest administrative systems, and the application of international standards.”

Al-Shirawi added, “This trend comes within the framework of the expansion of the group’s assets, which requires careful management and follow-up of the requirements of its activities to ensure the provision of the best services to customers. Operational, and its systems, especially with regard to quality in performance, achieving the best operational efficiency with its various investments, and enhancing the brand and its position.

It is worth noting that Millennium Chauffeuring Company is one of the Al-Shirawi Group companies, and its founding dates back to 2010. It includes a diverse fleet of modern cars, and has practical experience that exceeds a decade, which made it one of the reliable car rental companies with its services and activities. The company provides rental services. Various cars for all governmental and private agencies and individuals in the State of Qatar, with a group of employees who have long experience in the field of car rental, maintenance and customer service, which enables them to meet the requirements of various customers and provide the best distinguished services throughout the year.