Al-Tayseer supplies Millennium Chauffeuring with a new batch of vehicles

Within an agreement to supply it with a number of modern Suzuki cars

Millennium Chauffeuring car rental announced that it had received a new batch of cars that had been agreed upon with Al-Tayseer Automotive Company, the authorized agent of the Suzuki brand in Qatar, as part of an agreement to supply it with a number of modern Suzuki cars during the current year, which included different models, including Swift, Baleno, Ciaz and Dzire, and the vehicles were received at the Al-Tayseer Motors Company showroom on the Old Airport Road, in the presence of representatives of the Millennium Chauffeuring car rental Company and the Al-Tayseer Motors Company, the authorized agent of the Suzuki brand in Qatar.

Mr. Makram Al Rasamni, Sales Director of Al-Tayseer Motors Company, said: “We have agreed to continue the strategic partnership with one of the leading Qatari companies in the field of providing car rental solutions, such as Millennium Chauffeuring Company. Suzuki commercial vehicles to meet the needs of its customers and the growing demand in the local market, and keep pace with the country’s booming economy, and we are confident that Millennium Chauffeuring customers will enjoy a wonderful driving experience with Suzuki cars”

Diversifying the company’s fleet of cars that includes a variety of modern models of various brands

Regarding the delivered cars, Mr. Muhammad Wasim Iqbal, corporate sales officer at Al-Tayseer Company, said, “We are pleased to deliver the second batch of Suzuki cars” to the Millennium Chauffeuring Company and the continuation of the distinguished and permanent relations with the Millennium Chauffeuring Rental Company, which is one of the most active Qatari companies that provide car rental services to individuals and companies. We are fully confident that Millennium Chauffeuring’s customers will enjoy a unique and enjoyable driving experience with Suzuki cars, due to its power, durability, elegance and fuel economy. Iqbal added, “This is the second batch received by Millennium Chauffeuring car rental this year, and we look forward to delivering more cars in the coming months”

For his part, Mr. Althaf Mueen El Din, Assistant Director of Corporate Services at Millennium Chauffeuring Car Rental Company, said: “We are pleased to continue cooperation with Al-Tayseer Automotive Company and include more modern Suzuki vehicles to the Millennium Chauffeuring fleet, and diversify the company’s fleet of cars to include various and modern models of various brands, and supplying the largest possible variety of cars, which enables the company to keep pace with the aspirations of its customers and provide them with the best models of cars that are known for their strong performance and that meet their different desires.”

He added: “Millennium Chauffeuring Car Rental provides comprehensive rental solutions that suit the needs of different customers, including individuals, companies, and organizations. Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, in addition to designing rental solutions according to the request of companies and institutions, managing traffic violations, periodic maintenance of cars, assistance in case of sudden breakdowns, replacement of the car in case of accidents, comprehensive insurance, and other privileges”.

It is worth noting that the Millennium Rental Car Company is a Qatari company with more than 12 years of experience in the field of car rental in Qatar. It is one of the companies owned by Al-Shirawi Group, and operates a fleet of modern cars and vehicles of various brands. It has a work team with great experience in the field of car rental, technicians and highly trained maintenance experts, to meet the needs of individual and corporate customers.